What Your Future Requires

Sophomore Year

Using the information our students learned about themselves during Freshman year, our Sophomores begin looking into careers that best fit their interests and skills. As part of their planning process, students are required to research these potential careers to see what is required of entry level professionals and of those who are in the career life-long. As a result of their career research, they can continue to plan out the best classes to take for the duration of high school, which majors to pursue in the future, and which areas are in highest demand for those specific careers. Sophomores are also encouraged to seek internships or volunteer opportunities within these potential career fields to have a hands-on experience before making final decisions for their future.

In the spring, our Sophomores will sit for the PSAT 10. They will also attend a spring college fair to begin speaking with colleges that will support their future studies while showcasing their grades, activity and achievement resumes, and service hours.

To Summarize:

  • Students begin to research potential careers building from their profiles in 9th grade.

  • Students continue to track their course selections, activities, service, and test scores.

  • Students are urged to seek internships in potential career fields and work with their counselor to find strong placements.

  • Students complete various test prep assignments for the PSAT 10 and PSAT.

  • Students sit for the PSAT 10 in the Spring Term.

  • Students attend the spring college fair and meet with various college representatives.

  • Students meet with their counselor throughout the year to check in regarding grades, assignments, and planning for the future year(s).

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